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We and our Partners

The HIVOS institute of the Netherlands extended their support to us in establishing the first ever multi ethnic drama troupe in Sri Lanka. For almost a year we were struggling to source funds to construct the mobile theatre which is a fundamental requirement for a travelling drama troupe. USAID came forward to help us in this hour of need. USAID provided us the fully completed Mobile Theatre along with complete sets of Theatre Lighting, Sound Equipment and a modern power generator. In addition to the Mobile Theatre the USAID provided us the bedding and kitchen utensils needed to accommodate a fulltime theatre group.

Considering the successful continuation of Janakaraliya programme on the proclaimed path of promoting communal harmony and inclusiveness in a pluralistic society the USAID extended their benevolence support by providing us with 02 mini mobile theatres in 2007.     

Our ‘Conflict Resolution’ project for Schools Community and different social groups was funded by the FLICT, an affiliated institution of GTZ, from 2004 to April 2010.

In the mean time the establishment of zonal (provincial) drama groups in Anuradhapura, Nuwara-Eliya and Hambanthota was co-sponsored by the Freedom to Create (formally Art Action) institution. Freedom to Create is co-sponsoring the ‘Cloning Janakaraliya in North’ up to December 2011. HIVOS is continuing to fund production of 02 dramas until the end of year 2011.

35% of the total expenditure of continuation of Janakaraliya is funded by these two institutions while 40% of the expenditure is born by 02 local companies, namely DSI group and the Link Natural Products. The balance 25% is sourced by the earnings of Janakaraliya. Our target is to increase the Janakaraliya earnings to meet 55% of funds needed to maintain Janakaraliya. 


For Our Own Place 

Permanent Theatre Studio!

Up to now Janakaraliya was maintained in a travelling or mobile format.   A lodge and an office space were maintained on rental basis close to Colombo City.

Now the war has ended. The physical or material destruction be the war can be rebuilt. It is not that easy to heal the wounded minds affected by the war. Humanity should be invested in plenty to heal wounded minds.  By utilizing well planned cultural programmes humanity could be invested without difficulty. Janakaraliya is geared to implement well planned gigantic cultural activities in the North Central, Northern and Eastern provinces for this purpose. Janakaraliya intends to construct a permanent Theatre Studio in Anuradhapura to facilitate this project considering the centralized location in the targeted region. We received a plot of land from the Anuradhapura Urban Council for this purpose. The permanent Theatre Studio of Janakaraliya will be constructed there.

It will be the centre of friendship, affection and love for all artists and art lovers without communal, cast or religious biases. It will be the ‘home’ for all the artists and art lovers arriving from any whether it will be the North, the South, the West or the East. It will be built with the support and contribution of all who yearn for such love, kindness and affection without petty differences.

Your kind contribution by material or cash is warmly welcomed to the Janakaraliya Studio Trust Fund. 

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