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Where Drama is performed there springs a 'Rangabhoomi' (Performing space)

Mobile Theatres

Going beyond the traditional proscenium theatre methodology the Janakaraliya Mobile theatre is constructed according to the new arena concept which allows the audiences to watch drams from all four sides or as a ‘Thrust’  where the audiences are able to watch from three sides. Janakaraliya is the first ever and the only mobile theatre in Sri Lanka. It is well planned and constructed accommodate 800 strong audience with ease.  Another forte of the mobile theatre is that it assembling of the mobile theatre, lighting and sound manipulation as well as dissembling and transporting could be handled by the drama group without external assistance.

Janakaraliya is capable of the mobile theatre, the proscenium hall or an open area in far away village hamlets into its ‘performance space’ quite easily adapting to the existing situation. This is an exercise of identifying the elements of the common ‘performing space’ correctly and using it to make the theatre art enjoyable for the common folk.

Utilization of the ‘performing space’ characterises and demonstrates the contribution made by Janakaraliya for a peaceful coexistence in a multi ethnic society.

IIndoor Amphi Theatre performance   Open air daytime performance
Open air night performance   Our Mobile Theatre
Outdoor amphi Theatre performance   Performance in the MT
Proscenium stage performance   Rural village performance
School hall performance