Andaramal අන්දරමල්


Duration – 55 Minutes
Andaramal  - Sinhala
Erukkalam Poo – Tamil
English meaning – Flowers of a barren land
Duration – 55 Minutes

This drama demonstrates the unequal resources distribution in the schools’ system by the educational officials in Sri Lanka and the hardships confronted by children of remote villages. It has been developed based on a true story.  

‘A dancing teacher gets a transfer to a school in a very remote village. There is one teacher other than the principal in this school. Only 25 children are studying in the school. He does not have a drum to beat in order to teach dancing. He beats a table for the rhythm and teaches the children to dance. Then he identifies a child who is born with rhythmic talent to use a chair in place of a drum and continue teaching the children to dance. In addition he gets the children to collect freely available items like coconut shells, bottles, bamboos and pieces tin straps to produce sounds. The dancing class becomes very popular. When teaching of dancing is progressing in this method quite unexpectedly the school gets 2 drums.  

The dancing teacher is asked to use the drums to rehearse a dance of welcome for a minister arriving to ceremoniously open a nearby gutter.  The dancing teacher agrees with reservation merely because the school has got two drums. After being welcomed by the school children the Minster ceremoniously opens the gutter and goes away. The next day two education officials comes and takes the drums away telling the drums are allocated to another school and temporarily given to their school to arrange the welcome dance. The principle, dancing teacher and the children are heartbroken. But they turned to the old ways of producing rhythms the old way and carry on their dancing practices.


School Master Somasiri - Nishantha Kularathne
Headmaster - Jayantha Muthuthanthri
Dancing Master - Suneth Shanthapriya
Students - Sumudu Mallawarachchi, Palitha Abelal, Muniyandi Kalidas, Ajanthan Shanthakumar, Arosha Tharanganie, Sam paul, Dinesh Livera, Sineth Devinda Gamage, Selwaraj Leelawathi,
Malithi Kumari, Rasaiya Lohanathan, Ranjith Sumith, Inoka Lankapura, Chandani Malkanthi,
Asela Chaturanga, Suresh Asanka, Ruwini Dilanthi
Officers - manjula Ranasinghe,Thyagaraja Sivaneshan
Stage Managers -Malithi Kumari, Ranjith Sumith,
Make up -Palitha Abelal

Executive Producers for Janakaraliya Dilip Rohana, Amiththa Weerasinghe
Director -Parakrama Niriella